SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners
SEP Home Buyers Suncoast Equity Partners

Suncoast Equity Partners Made Every Step Incredibly Easy

Jessica M. White, O.D., Ferguson, MO


“Losing a parent is always difficult, and having to sell the family home is very difficult under the best of circumstances. My mother stayed in her home probably longer than she should have. Following her death, it took me several months to fly down and look over her home and make some decisions about repairs she had not done in the last five years. I had made up my mind to have everything simply hauled away for trash, then sell the house. That’s when I saw the Suncoast Equity Partners billboard, as if it was through providence, the universe, God, had put it there for me. Suncoast Equity Partners made every step of the process incredibly easy. When we found a lien against the house that no one knew about, the Suncoast Equity Partners staff was so supportive. At the closing, I was very emotional, and the Suncoast Equity Partners representative brought me a plant. How thoughtful, considerate and professional. Thank you Suncoast Equity Partners.”




Recommends Suncoast Equity Partners Without Hesitation

Alex Mlavsky, Largo, FL


“Our Suncoast Equity Partners representative was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was able to close on the house quickly. Without hesitation I would recommend Suncoast Equity Partners, and I already have.”




Suncoast Equity Partners Understood My Unique Situation

Bob Ramsey, Barnhart, Tarpon Springs, FL


“Letting go is hard to do. At least that’s the way my sister and I felt when it came to selling my parents’ home. The house was in great need of repair. I saw the job of cleaning out their home, repairing and selling it, as an overwhelming and time consuming burden. That’s when I decided to talk to Suncoast Equity Partners. Suncoast Equity Partners seemed to understand my unique situation. I found them open to discussion, knowledgeable and willing to work with me to negotiate a fair price. They returned my calls quickly and went out of their way to help, far beyond expectation. I would certainly recommend Suncoast Equity Partners as a good solution to someone who finds himself in such a unique situation as I was.”




Suncoast Equity Partners Professionalism

Bob Rigney, Dunedin, FL

“I would recommend Suncoast Equity Partners to anyone needing such a service. At a time when both expediency and efficiency were needed, you showed both in the handling of my paperwork, etc.It was a pleasure doing business with you.”




Smartest Decision We Ever Made

Brian and Ulla Christian, Apollo Beach, FL


“My wife and I had been engaged in a financial tailspin with no relief in sight. We turned to SEP Home Buyers for assistance and it was the smartest decision we ever made. From our initial contact to closing, everything moved along in a fluid and professional manner. They gave us a new lease on life in three weeks!”




SEP Home Buyers Was Great!

Angela Williams, Pinellas Park, FL


“The rental property I had needed so much work, I couldn’t believe it. I was in the process of getting a dumpster to clean out the house that the renters had trashed, holes in the walls, just a mess. That’s when I contacted Suncoast Equity Partners after getting their postcard in the mail. The Suncoast Equity Partners rep came out and surveyed the house. I was just looking to break even. I knew it would take too much money to fix it up again, money I couldn’t afford to use fixing the house again. When Suncoast Equity Partners offered a fair price, and I found out I could actually make some money, I was thrilled. It was a huge weight lifted from me, I was debt free now. They made it easy for me and they explained everything. Suncoast Equity Partners was great.”




A Huge Burden Lifted Off My Shoulders

Catherine Grubb, Tampa, FL


“I can’t thank you and your staff enough! You lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and you will be forever in my prayers.”



No Stress – The Suncoast Equity Partners Way

Christopher L. Mahurin, Riverview, FL


“I was very happy with my experience with Suncoast Equity Partners. They were very professional, helpful, and kept me informed on the progress of the sale of the house. They made it quick and easy with no stress. I would recommend and use Suncoast Equity Partners again.”




I Have Already Recommended Suncoast Equity Partners.

Yvonne Kearby, St. Pete, FL


“I had renters for several years and for some reason, they just packed up one day and left the house in shambles. I didn’t want to put any more money into it than I already had two years earlier, so I looked online. Many online companies did not respond; one did by email. Suncoast Equity Partners contacted me by phone, they came out and looked at the property and were really friendly. They were able to offer me a very fair offer. They explained everything, the process from offer to closing was wonderful, we were able to close near my work so I didn’t have to miss work. The Suncoast Equity Partners representatives were very friendly and completely up front and honest. I have already recommended them to relatives that have several rental properties.”




Appreciation for Suncoast Equity Partners’ Sensitivity

Tomee Pharo, Montgomery, AL


“When my mother died, the family was at a loss on how to dispense of so many belongings, but most importantly, her house. She had never kept it up and we were quite embarrassed to show anyone how her home had fallen to such disrepair and neglect. The SEPhomebuyers associate was sensitive to our needs and handled the closing quickly. SEP home buyers made sure that our needs had been met, and the office staff always made themselves available at any time for questions or concerns. We accepted a very fair offer from SEPhomebuyers because of the wonderful and professional people in their office, and their understanding of our situation. Working with SEPhomebuyers made the issue of our mother’s passing go a lot easier for us.”



Fast – Easy – Joyful

Cuc Nguyen & Phung Nguyen, Temple Terrace, FL


“SEP Home Buyers made it easy for us to sell our house. The representative was very joyful and easy to work with. The process was very fast.”




Helped Manage Sale From Another City

Tish Hinojosa Elliott, Austin, TX


“What a pleasure it was to work with you and your staff! We came to you during a difficult time for my family and needed to sell a house at a fair price. On top of that we had to manage the sale from another city and didn’t have time to devote to the process. You were so knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating during every step. I will always be grateful for your honesty and professionalism.”



Suncoast Equity Partners Created Trust

Stacy and Kameron Johnson, Palm Harbor, FL


“Our experience with Suncoast Equity Partners was excellent, fast and professional. We had a time constraint in regards to closing since we were moving out of the country, and we were able to close in 4 to 5 days, which we think is exceptional. We would definitely recommend Suncoast Equity Partners to anyone selling their home.”




Hopeless Situation Resolved!

Dennis Ray Potter, Austin, TX


“My situation was almost hopeless. Unemployed and behind on my mortgage, I decided to call SEP Home Buyers. This proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The agents were professional, courteous and most of all, understanding. I feel they are close friends and I have a very strong trust for them. I would recommend Suncoast Equity Partners to anyone.”




Upfront and Honest!

Sheila and Riley McGuire, Lakeland, FL


“The Suncoast Equity Partners representatives were very nice to me and my husband during the sale of our house. They were very honest and upfront with all situations involving the sale and closing. I definitely will recommend them to all my friends.”



No More Landlord Hassles

Betty Grandy, San Antonio, TX


“I inherited a house and was using it for a rental, but I couldn’t keep up with all the repairs being so far away. I had a hard time in chasing the rent, finding qualified property managers who were reputable and quick, so I called SEP Home Buyers. They were wonderful, they were fast, and they kept all their promises. I recommend them to anyone, especially people who have property and need to get rid of it fast. The hassles of being a landlord weren’t worth it for me.”




SEP home buyers Helped A Family Member

Donald Reese, Gainesville, FL


“SEP home buyers made the process of selling my mother’s house an easy and pleasurable experience. They were fair and honest, and an all around pleasure to deal with. They have greatly helped my elderly and disabled mother get through the house selling process. I highly recommend SEPhomebuyers.”



Phenomenal Experience with SEP Home Buyers

Ronald Sauer, Gulfport, FL


“I want to thank Suncoast Equity Partners for the phenomenal experience I had working with my representative and his staff. Selling my house through Suncoast Equity Partners was the best experience I could have asked for!I owned my house for 17 years and was happy with it, but over time my personal situation had changed. I needed to sell quickly or face foreclosure. Suncoast Equity Partners worked with me and my bank to help me sell my house, save my credit and free me from a bad situation. Overall, my experience with Suncoast Equity Partners has been very professional, honest, friendly and helpful. I would recommend Suncoast Equity Partners to anyone trying to sell a house!”



SEP Home Buyers Very Helpful, Patient and Understanding

Mary Sills, Seminole, FL


“My experience with the Suncoast Equity Partners’ office and personnel was excellent. They were very helpful, patient and understanding.”



Just Wonderful! Suncoast Equity Partners Was A Real Life Saver!

Lisa and Randy Golding, Largo, FL


“The Suncoast Equity Partners representatives were just wonderful. They bought our house and then at the last minute, they let us rent it out to us for three more months. Suncoast Equity Partners was a real life saver. We definitely recommend Suncoast Equity Partners.”


SEP Home Buyers Closed On My Schedule!

 Jim Fucciolo, Hyde Park, Tampa


“I owned my house for more than 10 ten years and I put a lot of work into it to make it nice. I called Suncoast Equity Partners because I needed to sell my house quickly. The Suncoast Equity Partners representative came right out to visit with me. They really appreciated the work I had put into my home. While the representative felt I deserved to make more money, I thought the offer was fair. I liked that Suncoast Equity Partners paid cash and I wouldn’t have to worry about someone else needing to sell their home before they bought my home. Suncoast Equity Partners was able to close on my schedule which was really needed, plus each time I called for something, they were pleasant and responsive. My experience with Suncoast Equity Partners was a positive one.”