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Sell My House Fast in Tampa, FL
We Buy Houses in Tampa, FL and We Are Cash Home Buyers

Looking to Sell Your House Fast in Tampa, FL?

We Buy Houses in As-Is Condition

Fill out this form to receive a fair cash offer in just 24 hours. We’ll pay cash within 7 days.

No Realtors, No Fees, No Commissions.

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Sell My House Fast in Tampa, FL

We Buy Houses As-Is for a Fair Cash Price. Now You Can Sell Your House Fast in Just 7 Days. 

Looking to sell your house fast? SEP Home Buyers is ready to make selling a lot easier, faster, and painless. We buy houses directly from owners. You walk away without having to do any repairs, and we’ll pay cash. No need to move furniture.

Your fair offer within 24 hours

Avoid listing your home and sell directly for a fair cash price. Contact us, and we’ll forward you a cash offer in just 24 hours.

When do you want to close?

Let us know because our team works around your schedule. We’ll work with you on your timeline. It’s comforting to know that you have options, and you can sell your house fast in more than one way.

Sell your house fast

We can close in just 7 days or whenever you want.

We’ll guide you through every step.

About SEP Home Buyers

We Buy Houses in Tampa, FL

We’re one of the most respected cash house buyers in Tampa, FL.

We prioritize the customer’s needs. This means we help homeowners like you to sell your house fast for cash in Tampa, FL.

If you wish to sell your house in Tampa, FL, we can help. We buy houses in Tampa, FL and have served our clients since 2013. We can make you an all-cash offer, saving you time and avoiding appraisal expenses. Our goal is to make this process quick, simple, and stress-free for you.

If you face a financial crisis and need to get rid of your house, we urge you not to delay and call us at (727) 379-2039 to help you sell your house fast in Tampa, FL

We buy houses throughout Tampa Including Pinellas County, Hillsborough, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Charlotte and Lee County! We know each of these areas extremely well, which means our home buying team can help you sell your house fast no matter where it is, or what condition it’s in (and even if there are tenants).

What are the benefits If I Sell My House Fast?

SEP Home Buyers provides another option for selling your home. No listing fees. No agent commissions. And a quick, hassle-free closing process. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of repairs or renovations. You need to study this comparison if you’re searching for a better way to sell your house fast.

Our Cash Offer Program

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Sell your house fast to SEP Home Buyers

Our cash home buyers in Tampa, FL will provide you with a fair cash offer so you don’t have to stress about sales or listings. We are the reliable name when it comes to selling tampa houses.

  • Competitive cash offer within 24 hours
    So you want to move, but you’re tired of waiting around for the perfect buyer who has the proper financing and is ready to move in immediately. You’ve got the solution. Sell your home fast to us. We buy houses all over the Tampa, FL area, and there is no obligation when you contact us. In the next 24 hours, you’ll have your fair, all-cash offer.
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    Don’t worry about open houses, weekend showings, or repairs when we buy houses in Tampa, FL. We will buy your home as-is and fix it after you’ve sold it.
  • You choose your closing day
    You can close in days after we give you an offer, just pick the best date and we’ll accommodate your needs and schedule.
  • We pay ALL closing costs
    We buy houses for cash in Tampa, FL, and when you work with us, there are no hidden fees. If it’s a matter of selling Tampa houses, reach out to us today
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions
    As one of the reputed companies that buy houses for cash in Tampa, FL, we refuse to charge hidden fees and no commissions.
  • We’ll cover any repairs
    Have you wondered, “How can I sell my house fast in Tampa, FL when it needs repairs?’’. Don’t worry about it. We’ll fix it.

The Traditional Way

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Listing your house with an agent

Since we buy houses in Tampa, FL fast for cash, you don’t have to stress.

  1. The months it takes to sell add up
    If you’re looking to sell your house fast instead of waiting for months, reach out to our cash house buyers in Tampa, FL. We buy houses for cash without needing you to make any repairs..
  2. Plenty of showings and disruption to your life
    Work with us to sell your house fast for cash in Tampa, FL, and avoid house showings being disrupted by strangers seeing your property.
  3. It takes forever to close
    It can take one to two months to close after someone offers to buy, but that might not be fast enough.
  4. Fees and commissions stack up
    In addition to closing costs, commissions and fees stack up and reduce how much goes in your pocket. On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller.
  5. You could be on the hook for repairs
    And if repairs pop up when you sell your house in Tampa, FL, you will have to wait longer to finish selling.

We Are Trusted by Tampa, FL

Over 10 Years Experience Helping Homeowners

We pay cash for houses in Tampa, FL, so that you don’t worry about games, fees, or hassle. We are transparent about how we buy houses in Tampa, FL, and about what to expect during our service.

We are a private home investing company that can buy your house within days. We pay cash for houses, and there is no real estate commission on this sale, not even a realtor involved! This means we are NOT working for any realty companies or brokers. We truly are here to help you sell your house fast. 
And we can work with you in complicated situations like foreclosure, negative equity, short sale, divorce, job loss, relocation, downsizing, bad tenants, and many others.

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 Here’s what our customers have to say about our cash home buyers in Seminole, FL:

You might ask, what’s the best part of running this business?

As a family-owned company that buys houses for cash in Seminole, FL, we strive to treat all of our potential clients as part of our SEP Home Buyers family. Our cash house buyers in Seminole, FL work hard to find solutions that fit our client’s needs, and we firmly believe that we should treat others as we would want to be treated.

 It feels really great to see the relief on your face after selling your house in Seminole, FL. It’s amazing to save a house from foreclosure, save someone’s credit so they can do better financially. Reasons are endless, but the best part is that our cash house buyers in Seminole, FL can help homeowners like you. See what our clients are saying about our cash home buyers in Seminole, FL. 

“Daniel is extremely professional and transparent. “

I recently worked with SEP Home Buyers to quickly sell my home. I can’t stress enough how easy the process was. Daniel is extremely professional and transparent. Initially I worried that selling my house for cash would be some gimmick and I would have to worry about getting taken advantage of. This is not the case at all. Daniel is honest, upfront and genuinely a nice guy. He supports you the entire way and offers to take care as much of the paperwork as possible…

Andrew (Siesta Key, FL)

“Thank you SEP Home Buyers!”

I was tired of waiting for an answer from a real estate agent on when they could get an offer and tired of excuses. I wanted a real, upfront and tangible solution and working with SEP Home Buyers, that’s what I got—and more. They gave me the price I asked for in two weeks, and I didn’t have to repair a thing, or even move my furniture. I am very grateful for finally getting my home sold as-is, and on my terms. Thank you SEP Home Buyers! Your company and service is Highly Recommended.

Shara (Seminole, FL)

We Buy Houses in Difficult Situations

We aren’t afraid of difficult Situations. Our years of experience can help guide you through your current one.

If you’re facing foreclosure or one step away from losing your home to foreclosure, and you’re having a hard time contacting your mortgage company for help, let us help. Our cash offer is better than any foreclosure alternative program you can find on the internet.

How We Buy Houses in Tampa, FL

Selling seems like it’s going to be stressful, but with the correct information and a little help from us, you will have sold your house fast for cash in Tampa, FL before you know. Reach out today if you’ve been pleading, “Someone, please buy my house for cash in Tampa, FL, today!”


Give us some information about your property, and we’ll get started right away.


We’ll make you a fair offer based on the property condition, and market value.


You can review the numbers and accept if you like the offer. No obligation.

MLS Listings Vs. Our Cash Program

Selling your house fast? There are several ways to sell your house fast. The most popular way includes listing and repairing it with a real estate agent, then waiting on the right buyer. SEP Home Buyers makes the job much easier, and you’ll save yourself time and money while avoiding all of the hassles. We’re happy to buy houses directly from homeowners, so there is no need to waste time with an agent and repairs you may not need. In addition, we’re committed to delivering the highest payment possible for houses in any condition!

3 Options to Sell Your House Fast in Tampa, FL

Choosing The Right Local Tampa, FL Buyer For You

  1. OPTION 1 – When you traditionally sell your house in Tampa, FL, it can take upwards of 3 months for you to close on the deal and receive your profits.
  2. OPTION 2 – Selling your house as FSBO (for sale by owner) is a good option…. if it works for you. For many homeowners, it works just fine. If you want to save on the commission AND don’t mind doing all of the work, this is often a good way to go. But if you’re someone who knows they won’t have the time or energy to do the work required, or if you’re struggling with a situation like a foreclosure or probate, then selling your house through FSBO might not be your best solution.
  3. OPTION 3Get answers for, “How to sell my house fast in Tampa, FL,” by contacting us. We buy houses in Tampa, FL, and spare you the hassles of traditional listings.There’s no obligation to accept our offer, do repairs, or handle a troublesome situation.

I Want to Sell My House Fast

The reality is, selling your house privately can be tough. There are numerous steps to be taken and a lot of work that needs to happen before you can reap the rewards… which is where we come in. Since 2013, we have helped sell properties throughout Tampa and Florida. Our dedication to customer service has made us one of the largest and fastest-growing real estate companies in FL today. We don’t view you as a client or a customer; rather, we view you like family. You may be wondering how our company has expanded so quickly—short answer: our dedication to customer service and delivering results for our clients.

When we buy your house with our local Cash Home Buyer program…

  • We’ll clean the house – There’s no need to perform any repairs when you sell your house in Tampa, FL.
  • Sell as-is –If you need any repairs to sell your house in Tampa, FL, we’ll handle them.
  • No commissions (and we’ll pay closing costs!) – We pay cash for homes in Tampa, FL, and don’t charge commissions. We make profits by fixing and selling your home.
  • Fully confidential and private – As cash home buyers in Tampa, FL, we don’t share your information with anyone. We are private cash house buyers in Tampa, FL.

If you want to sell your house in Tampa, FL, we’re here to help. We’ll buy your house in no time if we can answer, “How to sell my house fast in Tampa, FL?”

Can I Sell My House Fast in Tampa, FL Now?

If you want to sell your house fast in Tampa, FL, fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you shortly with a fair all-cash offer. Our team will work hard to ensure that you can proceed as quickly as possible with the sale of your home. And if you have any questions about our Cash Offer Program, contact us today!

Our timeline is generally one business day. So, expect a reply in the next 24 hours if you’re submitting this form right now.

Or Give Us A Call Now At (727) 379-2039

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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Sell Your House Fast for Real Cash

If you want to sell your home quickly and would like to avoid the hassles often involved in selling a home in Tampa, FL, give us a call today at (727) 379-2039 or fill out the form above, and we will give you a fair all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours. We help homeowners like you in all types of situations. From divorce, foreclosure, to downsizing…

There is no obligation when you submit your info, as we said above. And, again, if you are skeptical and think that this whole process somehow involves any obligations or commitments on your part, worry not. We protect your privacy and the information you share is only used to calculate a fair market value offer.

As cash home buyers in Tampa, FL, we work in the surrounding areas as well. If you need to sell your house in Tampa, FL, contact us today. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation, transparent offer. All the power is in your court, so contact us today!