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How To Get The Most Money When Selling Your Home in Clearwater, FL

How To Get The Most Money When Selling Your Home

Are you constantly thinking: “How can I sell my house fast in Clearwater, FL for fair cash?” Do you keep getting unrealistic offers from interested buyers? Don’t give in and accept a low-ball offer. Instead, do these five things to make your home more appealing. If it’s in better condition and equipped with the best appliances, it should go fast and for a fair price.

1. Remodel Your Home

Curb appeal is an important aspect when you’re selling your home. Buyers should pull up to the property, take one look at it, and know it’s for them. If your home is attractive both inside and out, buyers will be more willing to make a fair offer. So, spend money on remodeling your home, and make sure you include popular features. You can easily get a return on this investment if you sell to the right buyer.

2. Complete Repairs

Do all major and minor repairs before you list your home; this way your home is in good condition for open houses and showings. If a buyer is displeased with your home’s condition, they might insist on a lower price. If you can’t afford to make these repairs, consider reaching out to cash home buyers in Clearwater, FL. If you sell to them, you can sell as is, which means you won’t have to spend on repairs.

3. Home Staging            

Home staging is critical if your goal is to attract fair offers. Showcase the best features of each room. Before hosting open houses, make sure you declutter. Get rid of unwanted items, clothes, and furniture. Hire a pro home stager to get the finest results. If buyers can envision their families living their, they’ll be inclined to make fair offers. 

4. Local Hotspots

Tell buyers about the:

  • Best schools and universities near your home.
  • Nearby highways, bus routes, railway stations, and airports.
  • Entertainment spots like movie theaters, theme parks, aquariums, and zoos.
  • Popular restaurants, eateries, and fast-food places.
  • Local community services and what makes your neighborhood unique.

5. Better Negotiation

Negotiating is arguably the most important part of the home-selling process. You should be flexible when negotiating. If the buyer is tough to deal with but they’re pretty close to your asking price, you might want to go ahead and close the deal. Although you’ll be settling for a slightly lower price, you’ll be able to sell the house fast in Clearwater, FL and move on.           

If you feel that doing repairs, staging, handling negotiations, etc. is not your cup of tea, you must change your selling strategy and look for a quick, hassle-free solution. At SEP Home Buyerswe buy houses in Clearwater, FL in any condition for fair cash. You don’t need to renovate before you sell your home, and we’ll pay your closing costs. Reach out to us today to get an offer!

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